Bapu Dede Thoda Cash: Dhinchak Pooja is back

Bapu Dede Thoda Cash

The recent controversy in which someone allegedly named as Kathappa Singh claimed the copyright over the videos of Dhinchak Pooja songs. He might have successfully fought the battle, but the pop sensation is back with another irritating song to impress her fans. She is ruling the Internet with her new song Bapu Dede Thoda Cash.

This irritating song will definitely get on your nerves.

Though all the videos of her previous songs have been removed from the YouTube, this talented and passionate singer has again spread her current on the Internet. Even though you hate her by all your heart, you will not resist listening to her sarcastically melodious voice for one more time.

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In this song Bapu Dede Thoda Cash, the overambitious pop star is asking money from her father so that she can fulfil her unusual demands. From clothes of brand name Gucci to inserting diamonds in her Rolex watch and taking her friends out, Dhinchak Pooja wants everything from her father.

Here is the new song titled as Bapu Dede Thoda Cash by the sensational pop singer Dhinchak Pooja.  

Video Source- Dhinchak Pooja

There is obviously nothing new in the box this time. The same level of lyrics has been used by Dhinchak Pooja. You might think that the sensational girl has put an end to the stupidity that he has done in her previous songs, but unfortunately this song has nothing novel. The difference that you will get to notice in the song is that there is no Dhinchak Pooja visible in the video.

Your ears will definitely bleed out after listening to this happening song Bapu Dede Thoda Cash.

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Her last song Dilon Ka Shooter caused her a lot of trouble because she was not wearing helmet while riding scooter on the streets of Delhi in the song.

Someone requested Delhi Police to take some action against her negligence. Here is the Tweet for that complaint.

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