Chester Bennington suicide shattered Linkin Park

The singer of Linkin Park music band Chester Bennington suicide attempt left millions of hearts shattered. The singer who recently committed suicide has shocked the fans, media and the band Linkin Park. Earlier, on the death date of the deceased, the Internet was flooded with condolence messages.

The American rock band Linkin Park has recently released a statement regarding the death of their lead singer Chester Bennington. Last week, the singer killed himself by hanging with the ceiling. All the band members are in grief after losing their lead singer who has contributed his melodious voice and gave several mind blowing performances.

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Chester Bennington, the deceased was 41 who hanged himself from a bedroom door at his residence near Los Angeles. The death of Chester was declared as suicide by the Los Angeles County coroner.

Initially, a hired driver made a call on 911 while he was arriving at Bennington’s place. He told the cops that the housekeeper at Bennington’s residence has found Chester’s body and alerted him regarding the incident. During the call, the loud sobbing voice was clearly heard.

The Linkin Park band has stated a statement regarding Chester Bennington.

Chester Bennington
Chester Bennington

There is no doubt that the singer has touched so many lives. People have poured unconditional love in his songs. His fans and his singing is all what he was surrounded with.

Bennington was one of the two lead singers for the band Linkin Park. They have won numerous awards which certainly includes Grammys awards. Some of his most popular songs like In the End, What I’ve Done and Numb tuned and turned the world upside down.

Linkin Park band includes Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Dave Phoenix Farrell, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdo and Chester Bennington.

Linkin Park songs have done a great job. They have always attracted the heart of the people out there.       

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