Ranbir Kapoor dating Mahira Khan

Ranbir Kapoor dating Mahira Khan

The heartthrob actor Ranbir Kapoor who has attained a lot of fame in the film industry because of his charming looks and mind blowing acting, he is making headlines for being in a relationship with Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. Ranbir Kapoor dating Mahira Khan is doing rounds on the Internet. Ranbir Kapoor is still collecting reviews for his recently released film Jagga Jasoos in which he has shared the silver screen with his alleged ex- girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

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The rumours about the new link up in the B-town are already on its way. Some of Ranbir’s friends have said about Ranbir Kapoor dating Mahira Khan. They have justified on the behalf of Ranbir and stated that he is very fond of Mahira. He always holds that feeling of affection for Mahir. In fact, he has shown his pictures with Mahira to his close friends. On the other hand, certain sources have taken their friendship to another level. Some people believe that the two share something more than just friendship.

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The fact is that Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan met each other during the Global Teacher Prize event in Dubai. The event was held in March 2017.

One of Mahira’s closed ones has rubbished the rumour about Ranbir Kapoor dating Mahira Khan.

The individual has also stated that Mahira is pissed with the rumours. People have started altering their budding friendship, just because the two have met for a couple of times and are still in touch with each other. They too have several common friends.

Ranbir Kapoor dating Mahira Khan
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Once Mahira was asked to pick an actor who is her favourite, she picked the name of Ranbir Kapoor justifying her decision that he is the most brilliant actor among the younger ones.

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Hence, there is no such evidence that Ranbir Kapoor is dating Mahira Khan.

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